Kamis, 30 Juni 2011

Contoh Kalimat yang terdapat Conjunction (1)

- Besides doing the cooking, I look after the garden
- Besides this house, Ratna has a beach home
- Besides being good at sport, Sutrisno is good student
- Ratna doesn't want to go there, besides she has already been there
- I can't go now. I am busy. Besides my passport is out of date
2. However

- You couldn't earn much, however hard you work
- I'd like to go ; however, I don't have time
3. Otherwise
- We must be early; otherwise, we won't get seat
- You go with me, or/otherwise you stay here alone
4. So
My parents is getting Holiday, so i must be at home for keeping it
5. Therefore
- There is fog at Cijoho ; therefore, the place has been diverted
6. Still dan Yet
- They are ugly and expensive, yet/still people buy them

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